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Business services overview
Intellectual property, copyright and trademarks
Administrative law, licensing, tax
International transportation law
Competition and Antitrust law
Real estate and golden visa
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Business services overview

“Start your business journey with our support with our expertise in business environment and law”

We know that your business is important to you. Whether you are planning to start your own business in the near future or you are already in the process of developing your organization, we are here to support you. We will examine and discuss with you what here best options for your business and we will advice you on the key factors involved in running a successful business in Greece, Europe or in other countries. Our network of associated specialists is also there to support you with accounting and tax issues in order to identify the best options for your needs.

We have become the go-to advisors not only for early-stage companies but also larger and more sophisticated operating companies. Our experience in the business sector counts more than 120 new businesses in the last 10 years and continued support to more than 20 operating businesses, both SME’s and larger organizations (group of companies).
We will support your business’ formation, your decision to enter into a partnership and to make an investment. Once your business is in place and operational, we will support your company with corporate and regulatory compliance.

Business Formation
We will support the formation of all types of business in the country you choose.

Supporting and Protecting your investment
Are you interested in investing? We will advise and support your idea and will suggest the best options. Once decided, we will make sure your investments enjoy the best legal protection in the next move and we will safeguard your needs.

Corporate Governance & Compliance
If your business is operational, we are here to ensure that the services you provide or your products comply with corporate laws and relevant business regulations – depending on the sector to which you belong. As our clients business matures and their needs become more complex, our cross-functional specialists will ensure that our clients receive experienced advice on any issue that may arise.

Social and non-profit partnership
Social and non-profit partnership is another growing field and it is one of our fields of expertise. Our team is here to advice you in materialising such initiatives thanks to our long experience in non-profit organisations, Social Cooperation and similar schemes. Recently, our team, combining legal services with social contribution, has worked successfully with Bodossaki Foundation in the implementation of the “Social Dynamo Hospitality and Empowerment” program, by providing pro bono professional and legal support to non-profit organisations.

Intellectual property, copyright and trademarks
Do you want to protect your own brands, trademarks and practices?
We know that your practices include all your efforts, so need protection. Our team will support you in all steps necessary to protect your trademark, copyright and intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property
Our long expertise in supporting exploitation and protecting creative labor, be it for industrial, commercial application or artistic, will ensure the uninterrupted use of your creation. We are currently advising Media and Theater Production and Advertising companies as well as individual actors respect to their personality rights and several other artists (musicians, painters, about their copyright issues.)

Trademarks distinguish your product or service from those of others. Our team has experience in all trademark matters, from registration of a trademark in the EU Trademark Office or National Trademark Office to protection of your trademark by initiating and defending you against trademark and related lawsuits. Our clients in this area range from SME’s to large groups in Greece or worldwide.

 Administrative law, licensing, tax
Do you cooperate with the State?
Whether your business deals with the state sector or you have cases involving administrative procedures such as administrative contracts, fines, licensing, tax matters, we are there to advise you. Our team has the expertise to support you and protect your interests based on your needs while our network of experienced accountants will take care of tax matters.

International transportation law
Our team has worked extensively on rail and road transportation as well as on combined transportation and logistics development and can support your business be it an inbound or outbound carrier both local or regional. If you are interested in this sector, our team can offer you the know-how that will help you navigate it and will protect your interests based on your needs.

Competition and Antitrust law
Competition and antitrust is a key challenge in your day to day business. Your operations and personnel may need to be protected and advised so you do not fall under practices that may be considered as problematic in terms of competition policies. Our team will advise you on how to overcome such questions, offering training to your personnel regarding best practices. In addition, if you are facing an action before the Authorities, our team has the necessary expertise to support your legal actions against any private or public enforcement you may face.

Real estate and “golden visa”
Would you like to invest in real estate and get a Schengen Visa?
Greece is offering to non-European citizens and their families the opportunity to buy property in the country and be rewarded with a Schengen Visa (often called the “golden visa”). Our team can advise you on your investment options and support you through all required administrative stages.

Law drafting
Our team has special expertise and much experience in drafting regulatory schemes and support adoption before various governmental and non-governmental bodies. Our team has worked with International Organisations and governmental bodies in the preparation of new legislation (mostly towards simplification and introducing best practices). If your organization is interested in proposing the adoption of a new regulatory framework, in any domain of your interest, our team is here to support you in both technical and negotiation work you may require.